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Pokémon Go: New Year’s Event 2023 – These Pokémon now appear more frequently

The year 2023 begins with the traditional New year event in a pokemon go. With these little celebrations, you can take advantage of bonuses and catch special Pokemon!

New Year’s event pokemon go Starts December 31, 2022 at 8 p.m And the Ends January 4, 2023 at 8 p.m.

in our area Guide We’ll show you which Pokemon you can catch in the New Year’s event and which ones rewards exist.


Which Pokemon will appear in the 2023 New Year’s event?

Two of the Pokémon make their first appearance in Pokémon Go during the 2023 New Year’s event.

On the one hand you can register Pikachu with party hat Safe also as an impressive example. and the Hotot with New Year’s outfitswhich you already know, will become one with the onset of the event Noctuh with New Year’s clothes Develop.

Pokémon Go: New Years Event 2023 – Wild Pokémon

The following Pokémon frequently appear in the wild during the 2023 New Year’s event in Pokémon Go:

  • Pikachu with top party hat (iridescent possible)
  • Hoothoot with New Year’s outfits (Iridescent possible)
  • Wurmpel with party hat (can be iridescent)

Pokémon Go: New Years Event 2023 – Pokémon in Eggs

If you get 7km of eggs in Pokémon during the 2023 New Year’s event, the following Pokémon can hatch from them:

  • Pichu with party hat (iridescent possible)
  • PII (dazzling possible)
  • Fluffyuff (iridescent possible)
  • Togepi (iridescent possible)
  • bully (blink possible)
  • Kysella (iridescent possible)
  • Elekid (iridescent possible)
  • Magby (iridescent possible)
  • Azurill (iridescent possible)
  • Isso (iridescent possible)

Pokémon Go: New Year’s Eve Event 2023 – Pokémon in Raids

imagine raid? In Pokémon Go’s New Year 2023 event, the following Pokémon are waiting for you in raids:

raid level Pokemon
Step 1 Bulbasaur with party hat (possibly iridescent)
Charmander with party hat (iridescent possible)
Schiggy with party hat (blink possible)
Pikachu with top party hat (iridescent possible)
Hoothoot with New Year’s outfits (Iridescent possible)
Level 3 Rattikarl with party hat (iridescent possible)
Nidorino with party hat (iridescent possible)
Gengar with party hat (iridescent possible)
Wobgenau with party hat (it can be glittery)
Stage 5 reshiram (flicker possible)
Mega Mega Steelix (flicker possible)

What are the rewards for the New Year 2023 event?

There are also many rewards during the 2023 New Year event in Pokémon Go.

If you put the eggs in the incubator during the juvenile period, hatch twice as fast. And there is one for the first three eggs to hatch during this time using the Pokémon Egg tool hatching distance into quarters.

Keep in mind that these bonuses do not add up to each other.

Additionally, you can do this in raid battles Exclusive attack For the legendary Pokemon Reshiram. If you catch him during the event period, he will master the attack across the flame.

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