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[PLUS] 14th Generation Intel Core in Extended Testing: Three K CPUs tested

[PLUS] 14th Generation Intel Core in Extended Testing: Three K CPUs tested

Turn the tap and it’s on!

Instead of the newly introduced Meteor Lake, Intel is sending Raptor Lake Refresh (RPL-R) into the races. Rumors, leaks, and last but not least, the official launch on October 16 have revealed what lies ahead: a 100-200MHz faster clock speed and four additional electronic cores for the Core i7-14700K. The 14th Gen Core also offers Wi-Fi 7 and a new “Intel Application Optimization” feature, which we’ll take a closer look at in a separate article. We would like to thank Intel for providing the i9-14900K, i7-14700K, and i5-14600K models. The processors are compatible with those you can buy commercially. They are not “special issues” provided specifically to editorial offices such as PCGH. We chased all three CPUs during our testing cycle and now break down the testing in terms of overview, performance, efficiency, and conclusion. As usual, you can find performance indicators for games and applications on the CPU homepage and everything else here in the article. In this article we present a new aptitude test based on our readers’ feedback – and you can look forward to it.

Overview of the new CPUs

Once again, Intel has the “fastest desktop processor” in its baggage – this is how the presentation of new 14th generation core processors began. But Intel isn’t reinventing the wheel: While Meteor Lake was recently celebrated as the first 3D hybrid processor to be built on Intel 4 with several new approaches, Intel isn’t introducing any new desktop processors, but rather offering tried-and-tested products in new packaging. . We’re talking about Raptor Lake Refresh, which Intel sells as a 14th generation core, even though it has 13th generation technology. The Alder Lake update also has an almost identical experience, as does the Core i5-13400F, which has the number “13” in its name but has nothing in common with the improved performance of the real Raptor Lake processors.

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You will find the following products in the test:

  • Intel Core i9-14900K
  • Intel Core i7-14700K
  • Intel Core i5-14600K

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