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Charge your damaged smartphone: Your iPhone is now compatible with your BMW again

Charge your damaged smartphone: Your iPhone is now compatible with your BMW again

Of all things, the latest and most expensive iPhones have been damaged by charging in BMWs.


Good news for iPhone 15 and BMW owners. Now the smartphone can be charged again in the car without damaging it.

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  • Wireless charging in a BMW was previously able to kill the new iPhone.
  • Apple has now rolled out an update to iOS 17 that should fix this issue.
  • Apple has also provided updates for the Apple Watch and Mac devices.

Apple has fixed an unusual bug with its iOS 17 update. So far, wireless charging in a BMW has damaged the new iPhone 15 beyond repair.

Strictly speaking, it has access to the NFC chip in the smartphone, which is required for Apple Pay. This was previously stopped using the car’s built-in charging station. Since the NFC chip cannot be replaced individually, affected owners often only have to replace the entire device, which Apple also does for free.

It took some time before the connection between BMW charging and iPhone failure was recognized. At the end of October, Apple and BMW acknowledged the problem. The exact cause of the fault in the chip has not been revealed, but it is possible that excessive heat or voltage killed the sensitive chip.

Update for other Apple devices

iPhone BMW issue is fixed by updating to iOS 17.1.1. This update also corrects a minor bug in the Weather app, where the snow icon was not displaying correctly.

Meanwhile, Apple has also released software updates for other devices. WatchOS 10.1.1 fixes an excessive battery drain issue that occurred on some Apple Watches after updating to watchOS 10. macOS Sonoma 14.1.1 closes unspecified security vulnerabilities.