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Please give Jeff Bezos and his 400-foot yacht some privacy

Please give Jeff Bezos and his 400-foot yacht some privacy

Jeff Bezos' mega yacht Koru is docked at Port Everglades in Port Everglades, Florida.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Jeff Bezos has spent a lot of time on his $500 million megayacht, Koru.

The Coro recently stopped in Antigua in the Caribbean.

Local authorities asked the public to give the billionaire some privacy.

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Jeff Bezos' $500 million megayacht is such a sight that local authorities had to ask the public to give the billionaire some privacy while he was in… vacation he.

The Amazon founder and his fiancée Lauren Sanchez recently docked in Falmouth Harbour, Antigua and Barbuda. They were on the ship KuroIt is a huge yacht measuring 127 meters long and has a crew of 40 people.

People on the island of Antigua are on The largest sailing yacht in the world The phenomenon attracted attention, prompting Antigua and Barbuda's Tourism Minister, Charles Fernandes, to issue a notice to local residents.

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“Kuru’s appeal is undeniable, but we ask everyone to be understanding and show the utmost respect for their privacy during this special time,” Fernandez said loudly. Antigua Monitor.

Bezos values ​​privacy

In October 2021, he bought a house in a remote area of ​​Maui's South Shore 78 million dollars (Equivalent to 70 million euros). The 14-acre property is surrounded by larger lava fields.

A source close to the couple told The Times: “Jeff and Lauren love Maui, have a home on the island, visit frequently and want to support the local community.” Pacific Business News.

Bezos had previously broken a record in California by purchasing a property worth $165 million (about 149 million euros). It was built in 1937 by Jack Warner, co-founder of Warner Bros. The property is in Beverly Hills It provides privacy thanks to high hedges that protect the house from the street.

He then bought a house next door for $10 million (about 9 million euros), a sign that the tech founder was building a larger property – typical Billionaires until.

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Even in the way he runs his businesses, from Amazon to Blue Origin, Bezos has maintained privacy, keeping some company projects secret for years, such as Washington Post mentioned.

So we may never know what happens on board the Kuro.

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