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Cities: Skylines 2 – Patch 1.9.19f1 keeps what was promised by the Colossal Order

Cities: Skylines 2 – Patch 1.9.19f1 keeps what was promised by the Colossal Order

Following the sub-optimal release of Cities: Skylines 2, the developers at Colossal Order decided to add mod support to the city building game as soon as possible. This is actually the heart and soul of Cities: Skylines 2, which once again underscores why the developers wanted to create realities here. Previously, some updates were released to improve the game performance which was a real issue after release.

Patch 1.9.19f1: The last of its kind, with a long changelog

Now Colossal Order has turned the 1.9.19f1 update for Cities: Skylines 2, which was promised at the beginning of the week, into reality. This is said to be the last of its kind, meaning it's the last pure patch to fix bugs and improve performance. Upcoming updates will also deal with introducing modding support. As announced, the new patch makes corrections to gameplay, statistics, performance, graphics and, in particular, base value. Here is the detailed changelog for patch 1.9.19f1:

– Play

  • Fixed a desktop crash when selecting “Go” in Home.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on desktop when linking a road to a pedestrian path in a certain way.
  • Fixed a crash on desktop after changing streets with citizen groups with certain values.
  • Fixed speed map not loading properly when pausing the game.
  • Fixed the ResourceAvailability system causing some incorrect data when loading the game.
  • Some industrial tax reform may randomly start collecting money in the opposite way than it was set.
  • Fixed a bug when leveling warehouses.
  • Fixed a possible error during the save process related to XP.
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading by building an additional incinerator on top of the incinerator would cause the incinerator to produce less electricity.
  • It has been fixed that coverage of municipal services buildings designated exclusively for pedestrians does not affect a portion of one-way streets.
  • Fixed: Maintenance vehicles crashing
  • Fixed the specific information panel for train vehicles and ships not being labeled with the correct destination name.
  • Fixed bucket payment amount does not change correctly when moving buildings.
  • Fixed objects with stacked parts (cranes, columns) do not collide in some cases.
  • More fixes for missing dogs.
  • Fixed missing translation of some photo/camera features.
  • Fixed the only achievement that required a medieval castle.
  • Consistent success of a wide range.
  • Improved parking search.
  • Adjusting the probability of enrollment so that more young people can enter secondary school.
  • The freight yard's route map has been updated to reduce congestion when arriving at the buildings.
  • Forced word wrapping in tutorial page labels to fix layout errors in some tutorials at 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution.
  • The “A Little Bit of TLC” achievement increment has been increased from 1 to 1000, and the achievement's progress buffer is only updated when progress reaches the exact increment multiplier.
  • Added a more user-friendly message when account linking functions fail due to a network error.
  • New translations added (missing text, text corrections, translations).
  • Added support for overriding the “Switch User” action notification for platforms that do not support user switching (such as Steam and Epic), with added support for the Steam overlay.

3:16 pm
Cities: Skylines 2 | Review | Poor performance turns this city into a major construction site

– Corrections and improvements to statistics

  • Fixed a bug in the Statistics panel that caused chart data to not update properly when manipulating the timescale slider.
  • Fixed a bug where water prices were not displayed correctly in the Budget tab of the Economy panel.
  • Garbage and public transportation fees were not included in the statistics.
  • Age statistics are not displayed correctly.
  • The “Selected Area” dashboard showed an incorrect number of residents.
  • Incorrect tax estimate amounts are displayed in the Economic panel.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the schedule resulted in some dates not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed an incorrect amount of money in the first sample.
  • Fixed incorrect placement of samples in the diagram.
  • Fixed incorrect progress amount in the “Under Construction” section.
  • Statistics panel menu items remember their expanded state based on the statistics selected when you reopen the Statistics panel.
  • The “Income” and “Taxable Income” (hidden) statistics type has been changed from “Point” to “Daily” (shows the cumulative amount for the last day).
  • Hide families in the selected dashboard and home sidebar until they move there.
  • Adding an additional data point outside the visible region and using that point to interpolate the position of the first point in the chart, eliminating visual gaps and stutters (fixes are made using only half the chart).
  • Cut data points in the chart area (avoid a line that extends beyond the chart).
  • The Budget group was deleted as it was not needed, and the Income and Expense groups were moved directly to the Finance category.
  • Money statistics have been hidden from the panel when playing with the Unlimited Money option.
  • Reorganized statistics list.

– Improvements to land value

  • The standard value of land is affected by soil contamination. Soil pollution initially causes a slow increase in the soil standard value, and as the pollution worsens, the soil standard value begins to decrease.
  • The standard soil value will not drop to 0 even in highly polluted areas.
  • The value of the standard land increases according to the profitability of the industrial company.

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– performance

  • Added “SchoolSeekerCooldown” to avoid too many route lookup requests when a city doesn't have enough schools.
  • Improved shadow culling.
  • Faster and more stable simulation speed in very large cities.
  • Minor improvements and fixes for route selection leaks.
  • Improvements: Rearranged some display-related systems to reduce waiting times in the main thread.
  • Improvement: Eliminated unnecessary waiting for the main thread in “ModificationEndBarrier”.