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Players laugh at the reward, and now they want it forever

Players laugh at the reward, and now they want it forever

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Diablo 4: Players laugh about the reward, now they want it forever © Blizzard Entertainment / IMAGO: Pond5 (montage)

Diablo 4 wants to win back its players with a powerful and unprecedented reward. Blizzard initially scoffed at this, but now they’ve begged for it.

Hamburg – in Diablo 4 There is automatically more experience and gold for everyone. But despite the strong reward, Blizzard was laughed at – but as the saying goes? Who laughs last… Players no longer want to do without their mother’s blessing. Some are digging up old precedent from Diablo 3 and suggesting that the Blessing could remain active forever.

The website explains the conflict between Diablo 4 players:

It is not new that there is calm in Diablo. In order to bring players back, Diablo 3 briefly increased the chances of legendary players falling. Since the loot was so well received, Blizzard simply made the reward permanent. “I hope they do the same nowDiablo players are dreaming about the current “Mother’s Blessing” on Reddit. After that, it will only rain 25% gold and experience by default.