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Plan a cheap moon settlement from Vienna

Plan a cheap moon settlement from Vienna

Such a residence for lunar astronauts, integrated into the landscape, would cost “only” 7.597 billion euros, Grandel estimated to reporters on Thursday afternoon. The cozy place was discovered by a Japanese spacecraft (called “Selene”) orbiting the moon in 2009.

The depth of the so-called “Mare Tranquilitatis Hole,” in German: “Hole in the Sea of ​​Tranquility,” is 107 meters, and its diameter is about 90 meters. You're well protected there from micrometeorites and cosmic radiation, and temperatures will be tolerable at minus 20 to minus 30 degrees Celsius, said Grandel, who is making his plans at Space Renaissance International in Italy. It was said that it was also possible to find water resources there.

Old lava tubes can save time

First, a construction team of 32 astronauts must set up camp next to the crater, Grandel said. In the form of a structure made of cylindrical units connected by spherical nodes. To protect against cosmic radiation, this quarter would have been covered with regolith, that is, rocks from the surface of the Earth's satellite.

The 32 builders were then supposed to use robots and machines to carve five cylindrical, star-shaped caverns into the side walls below the moon crater. There may also be ancient lava tubes that can be used. This would save working time, according to the engineer. The walls had to be sintered with lava, giving a smooth and hard surface due to the high temperatures.

Five inflatable houses in five cylinders

The five cylinders will then accommodate five inflatable houses, each accommodating 50 residents. Each will have five floors made of lightweight aluminum structures. Fossils, in turn, can be used as a protective shield against cosmic radiation to seal the hole against it. Of course, it will be necessary to have air locks at the entrances.

The astronomer's estimates stipulate “only” 7.597 billion euros for the entire project, “assuming that space transportation prices will decrease in the near future.” He says it could easily be completed this century. It is unlikely that delays will be expected due to technological difficulties, but certainly due to political discussions.