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Pixel camera night vision mode for third-party apps too

Pixel camera functions become usable in external applications 1 minute reading

News / Robin Krumberg

Google has released a new app that makes it easier for third-party apps to access Pixel phones’ camera features. The first feature that will be unlocked is the night vision mode for apps like Snapchat, but only on Pixel 6 models for now.

with the March “Feature Drop” Google provides the latest it has Pixel 6 (Pro) Devices with many new functions. In detail you can see What’s new in Jonathan’s post Read on, but camera functions in particular are currently getting special attention on Twitter and Co.

The night vision pixel mode can also be used in Snapchat

Because while the update itself is still a long way off, a new app appears in the Google Play Store that reveals future plans for the Pixel cameras. It was already known in advance that with the drop feature, the How to Use Night Vision Mode on Snapchat It must be possible. These and other Pixel camera functions are usually not easily accessible to third-party apps. on the app store page.pixel camera servicesGoogle indicates it External applications can also use these image processing functions in the future:

Image: Google Play Store (screenshot)

Pixel Camera Services is a system component that allows Pixel Camera features (such as night vision mode) to be used in third-party apps that you have allowed access to your camera. This component is pre-installed on your device and should be updated regularly to ensure you have the latest image processing updates and other bug fixes”, as indicated in the application description text.

The first version of the application allows Only night vision mode for now, but it looks like other posts could follow soon. It is not yet known when or if this app will also be available for older Pixel devices.


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