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Patterned motors for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y? >

According to CEO Elon Musk, part of the phenomenal performance of the new Tesla Model S Plaid is a new engine. At a delivery event for the first copies of the new Super-Tesla in June, he described the drive (see photo) as an “impressive feat of engineering” with sustained power up to 20,000 rpm. who – which This makes the Model S the fastest accelerating production car world, apart from the expensive Rimac Nevera road racing car. And according to rumors, the Model 3 and Model Y could also get the new supercharged engine.

“Performance_V2” in Tesla software

The basis for this discovery was made by a member of the Tesla Owners Online forum there announced on Friday: A very reliable and competent source sent him snippets of the Tesla firmware, reported TrevP, and turned this off. It lists different versions of the Model 3 and the Model Y. It is not clear from which context the data originates. But they do give the impression that there are now or soon two different performance variants for the Model 3 and the Model Y.

The list begins with the entry “MODEL3_BASE”, followed by “MODEL3_” without any additions and then “PERFORMANCE” – after which “MODEL3_PERFORMANCE_V2”. For the Model Y, Base, Performance, and Performance_V2 are listed almost directly one by one with the model name.

This clearly indicates that Tesla is also planning something with its high-volume electric vehicle performance variants. With premium models The Model S and Model X were the new engraved version with three engines replacing. Against that backdrop, the TrevP source thinks the super-engine praised by CEO Musk will likely find its way into the Model 3 and the Model Y. On the one hand, it would be conceivable that, like the Model S Plaid, they’d get two of them on the rear axle. However, with less effort, performance can be increased if only the Plaid motors replace the previous ones.

German Machine for Engraved Engine

As CEO Musk said at the plaid event, it was a must Tesla develops a new machine especially for the Plaid engine He later revealed that he had taken over the German subsidiary Automation. To justify the effort, it could also be useful for the Model 3 and the Model Y. In addition, the drive with a carbon cap around the rotor is not only stronger, but also distinctly more efficient: despite the slightly smaller battery, the Model S Plaid is far A few miles more than its predecessor, the S Performance Model, under US EPA standards, and the Professional’s consumption is 100 miles lower by 2 kWh.