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Overthrow of the Montenegrin government – look

After only three and a half months

Parliament overthrows the Montenegrin government

In the NATO country of Montenegro, Parliament overthrew the government of current Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic – after only three and a half months.

ARCHIVES – Dritan Abazovic, Prime Minister of Montenegro, speaks during a parliamentary session. Photo: Risto Bozovic / AP / dpa

Fifty out of 81 deputies voted for her on Saturday night at the initiative of President Milo Djukanovic’s DPS (36) and four other parliamentary groups. A liberal ecological Abazovich had angered the head of state two weeks ago because he had signed a controversial contract with the Serbian Orthodox Church. For now, Abazovic will likely continue to rule on a temporary basis until a decision is made on his successor.

The 36-year-old Abazovic took office only on April 28, after overthrowing the previous government, which was mostly pro-Serb, in Parliament. Like Djukanovic, Abazovic is considered pro-Western. He had led a minority government, with a diverse coalition whose party included the URA, the Green Party, the Social Democrats, the ethnic Albanian and Bosniak parties, and the pro-Serb party.