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Open beta built on Unreal Engine 4 for all owners of the original

Open beta built on Unreal Engine 4 for all owners of the original

Gothic, the legendary role-playing game from Bochum development studio Piranha Bytes, which was released for PC on May 15, 2001, is not only receiving a remake for distribution by THQ Nordic, but is also being remastered based on the Unreal Engine 4. The first demo version has now been released It is open and available to all players who already own the original version on Steam.

A one man project remade a classic

Developer and model Dmitry Kalyuzhny She is currently working as a solo project to port the classic game to Unreal Engine 4 and make it accessible to both old and young players under the title Gothic Remastered. However, the project cannot be equated with Gothic Remake, which is currently being developed by Alkimia Interactive.

The open beta has started for everyone

Players who own the original on Steam can now participate in the open beta for the unofficial Gothic Remastered game. To do this, you must first open the following path using a file manager:

Steam/Library/Gothic 1 Classic/Features/Beta/

Then you just need to enter the following access key for the open beta:

(The colony is not real)

If Gothic 1 Classic is now played via Steam, Gothic Remastered based on Unreal Engine 4 will be played automatically.

Don't have too high expectations

Gothic Remastered currently feels very “vanilla”, which shouldn't be surprising considering the early (first) beta and the fact that it's a solo project. However, the modder is already promising new assets and high-resolution textures for the game if the first open beta brings the desired feedback. A YouTube video from the developer shows a total of 40 minutes of gameplay and provides corresponding impressions.

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