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On the way to my beloved, to Haber Matta

On the way to my beloved, to Haber Matta


On the way to my beloved to Haber when!

Advertisements for new electric buses from Basel’s public transport company are sometimes crazy. The typeface awakens wild associations. And memories of the song Money Matter.

And here comes the holiday feeling. The displays of Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe’s new E-Citaro buses show their adventurous final stops.

Photo: Bowie

Basel has strange station names. back home. Wolf Valley. Suriname. Basler Verkehrs-betriebe bus number 31 now goes to a stop that can no longer be deciphered. The writing looks Arabic.

Where does he want to go?, you ask yourself when you look at the advertisement. Does he – quoted from “Sidi Abdel Assar and El Hamma” by Mani Matters – go to Haber when? Bernoulli anum? Birkin Strassa? Faith is a story?

The explanation is much simpler: the scoreboards in the new E-Citaro electric buses from Mercedes-Benz could cause problems, writes the BVB club media office. Due to faulty sensors, two texts are sometimes forced. We are working on it and we ask for your understanding. The 31 in the meantime is functioning completely normally. Between Rehen and Bach Grappa.