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Olympia 2024: Women of the German Football Association meets the United States of America and Australia

Olympia 2024: Women of the German Football Association meets the United States of America and Australia

It's not easy for the women of the BundesligaSource: Reuters

German footballers have taken on difficult tasks at the Olympic Games. The European vice champions will meet in Group Two with the United States, four-time Olympic champion, and Australia, fourth in the World Cup, in addition to Zambia and Morocco. This was the result of the draw on Wednesday evening in Paris.

African participants are still being identified

The matches will be held twice, in Marseille (July 25 and 28) and in Saint-Etienne (July 31). The top two teams in each group qualify for the Olympic quarter-finals, and the top two third teams also qualify for the quarter-finals. Participants from the African Confederation (CAF) will be determined at the beginning of April.

The division into pots was based on ranking in the world rankings. Since there were two European teams in Pot One, it was already clear before the draw was made that Germany would join the USA group from Pot Two.

With their victory over the Netherlands in the European Nations League, German footballers took advantage of their last chance at the Olympics and qualified for Paris.

02/29/2024 | 01:19 minutes

Germany with last minute ticket

With an away victory in the match for third place in the Nations League in the Netherlands (2-0), Germany, the 2016 Olympic champion, obtained the final European ticket to the medal fight in Paris (July 25 to August 10). . .

German Women's Football Association matches: July 25 at 7pm: Germany – Australia (Marseille), July 28 at 9pm: USA – Germany (Marseille), July 31 at 7pm: Zambia/Morocco – Germany (Saint-Etienne)

Collections at a glance:

Group A: France, Colombia, Canada, New Zealand

Group Two: USA, Africa 2, Germany, Australia

Group Three: Spain, Japan, Africa 1, Brazil

Men's Championship without Germany

In the men's tournament, France will face host nation the United States in its opening match, 40 years after its 1984 Olympic victory in Los Angeles. The other competitors in Group A are New Zealand and the winner of the knockout match between the representatives of Asia and Africa. Tournament favorites Argentina will face Morocco, Ukraine and an Asian team in Group B, which will be decided at the AFC U-23 Cup in May.

Brazil, the champion of the Tokyo Olympics, did not qualify, like the German team. The German Football Association's U21s team had already been eliminated from the preliminary round of the European Championship, but should have reached the quarter-finals. This means that the German Football Association team will miss the Olympic Games for the first time since 2012.

Men's Olympic Championship Groups

Group A:

France, USA, ICP AFC – CAF, New Zealand

Group B:

Argentina, Morocco, third Asian qualifier, Ukraine

Group C:

The second Asian qualifier, Spain, Egypt, and the Dominican Republic

Group D:

First Asian qualifiers, Paraguay, Mali, Israel