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Olympia 2021: Lydia Jacobi (USA) swims with glasses in her mouth

Olympia 2021: Lydia Jacobi (USA) swims with glasses in her mouth

Crazy moment in the 4 x 100m mixed class relay in Tokyo!

American swimmer Lydia Jacoby (17), winner of the 100m breaststroke gold medal, slips swimming goggles from her eyes at first – and into her mouth!


It wasn’t planned like this: Jacobi swims with glasses in his mouth

Photo: Oliver Wyken/D

But this did not bother her too much: Jacobi continued to swim in her race – and she was also fast. At the time of the attack, it was 1:05.09 minutes, only 14 hundredths higher than the time spent in the gold race (1:04.95 minutes).

though: She was uncomfortable unfortunately. “Something like this has never happened to me before. The Alaskan swimmer explained that once in the water, I had no control over it, so I swam as much as I could.

Jacobi admitted after the race: “I was definitely a bit panicked, but I could still breathe. It was the hardest part of the turn, because I couldn’t see the wall, but other than that I had a feeling I did the best I could.”

Craft training in Tokyo
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It’s a shame, despite the amazing performance of Jacobi, who is also a country band singer, the US team surrounding swimmer Caeleb Dressel (24) only taking fifth place (3:40.58 min). The English team won the gold medal in a world record time of 3:37.58 minutes.