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Belinda Bencic takes gold in the final

Belinda Bencic takes gold in the final

Belinda Bencic has already won two medals at the 2021 Olympics. Just which one? Today from two in the afternoon, Swiss women are looking for gold. Live ticks

The basics in brief

  • She will face Czech Belinda Bencic, Marketa Vondrosova, in the Olympic final.
  • The game starts at 2 PM, and will go live.

Bencic – Vondrosova 7:5, 2:6, 3:1 *: This looks much better! Bencic leads with a break in the third set.

Bencic – Vondrosova 7: 5, 2: 6, 1: 1 *: Super Belinda! The Swiss succeed in the second half – this will also be useful for the head.

Bencic-Vondrosova 7:5, 2:6, 0:1*: No, this is not the desired beginning of the last sentence. The Czech starts again with an early break.

Tokyo tie mode, Bencic must return to the extreme again

Bencic – Vondrosova 7:5, 2:6*: There is a sentence modification for Czech. So Belinda Bencic must win a full Olympic gold!

Bencic – Vondrosova 7: 5, 2: 5 *: Bencic shortens and restores some self-confidence.

Bencic – Vondrosova 7:5, 1:5*: There is a strong smell to modify the sentence. Bencic swears and gets angry, the Czech Republic plays and scores.

Bencic – Vondrosova 7: 5, 1: 4 *: UI, we don’t like that. Vondrousova runs a second break, increasing it to 4:1.

Bencic-Vondrosova 7:5, 1:3*: Vondrousova can count on their service and maintain their leadership. Connect with Rest

Bencic – Vondrosova 7: 5, 1: 2 *Bencic arrives in the second set and plays the first game. After 30: 0, it still has to make an effort, but it dries up.

Bencic-Vondrosova 7:5, 0:2*: Reverse roles! Now the Czech is leading 2-0 at the start of the second set, and confirms her break.

Bencic – Vondrosova 7: 5, 0: 1 *: unsuccessful start of the second set. Vondrousova takes the lead with a break.

The first set of the 2021 Olympia final goes to Bencic

Bencic-Vondrosova 7:5*: Yes, that is the first sentence of a Swiss woman! This means that Bencic is only one distance away from winning the Olympic gold!

Benchik Vondrosova 6: 5 *: Belinda Bencic introduced again.

Bencic-Vondrosova 5:5: * Another equation from the Czechs, the score was 5: 5 and the tiebreak is approaching.

Bencic-Vondrosova 5:4*: Another lead by Belinda Bencic. The Swiss’s tally rose to 5:4 in the 2021 Olympics final – one match still missing from Group A.

Bencic – Vondrosova 4: 4 *: There could have been more in it. Benchik inhales the opportunity to take a break, but misses it. 4: 4.

Bencic – Vondrosova 4: 3*: The break string has expired, but it requires quite a bit of work. Bencic repels two balls, then increases them to 4:3.

Bencic – Vondrosova 3: 3*: Yes! Now it’s Bencic who secures three balls. The third is used to make it 3:3.

Bencic – Vondrosova 2: 3 *: In a very long game, Bencic loses. She can block two balls, then a double fault causes the break.

Bencic – Vondrosova 2: 2*: Everything is balanced again. After seven consecutive points, Bencic also plays, but he can’t stop Vondrousova’s match.

Bencic – Vondrosova 2:1*: What a shame, the estrangement of the Czech is about to begin.

Bencic – Vondrosova 2: 0*: And there’s an early break for Belinda Bencic! It started so well!

Bencic – Vondrosova 1: 0*: The game is on, Bencic is doing its first service game.

the beginning delayed moreThe third place game is just over. Elina Svitolina insures Ukraine’s precious metals. Belinda Bencic starts around 2pm.

Will Belinda Bencic win the gold medal today?

before the match

What Belinda Bencic’s Week! The Swiss Eastern qualifies for the 2021 Olympics finals in singles and doubles, and will meet on Sunday. Victoria Golubec To the Czech Republic – Today, Saturday, it’s all about individual gold.

Bencic meets Sogta Vondrosova. against the Czechs (Women’s Tennis Association 42) I played once so far. This year, the eastern Swiss team lost to Vondrosova in Miami in three sets with 6:4, 4:6 and 4:6.

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