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Nördlingen: construction starts at Gerd-Müller-Platz | Swabian Radio

At the corner of Herrengasse and Bergerstraße, in the area where the attacker grew up, a statue of Gerd Müller will be erected prominently in the future. The comprehensive construction work will start next week.
“Where previously a perplexing junction of roads defined the cityscape, a new squared state will emerge with plenty of green space and a high quality of accommodation,” says Lord Mayor David Wittner. The fact that, thanks to the large sums of urban development funding, not only the arena itself, but the entire area even the auditorium building can be redesigned is a “stroke of luck!” , which will lead to more safety on the way to school, among other things. Unfortunately, the complete closure of traffic between Herrengasse, Am Stänglesbrunnen and Neubaugasse could not be avoided during construction work.
Construction work begins on February 27, initially with canal construction work. Road construction works and then green area design will start from May. After paving and asphalting in late summer, the area should be passable again in the fall. The finalization of the future “Gerd-Müller-Platz” is scheduled for late autumn, opening in November 2023.
Overruns will be generated during construction work. Herrengasse, Hallgasse and Neubaugasse between Bräugasse and Weinmarkt will be opened to traffic in both directions. The bus stop at the Schäfflesmarkt cannot be serviced during the closure because buses cannot turn around. Local traffic is allowed up to the construction site. In consultation with the disposal companies, collection points have been set up by the Waste Management Association of Northern Swabia. The City of Nördlingen asks road users and residents to understand the restrictions.

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