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No winner in 1-1 draw with Liezee – inept St. Gallen allows GC to breathe a sigh of relief – Sports

No winner in 1-1 draw with Liezee – inept St. Gallen allows GC to breathe a sigh of relief – Sports

It’s the 72nd minute in the Letzigrund: Peter Zeidler is unstoppable on the bench, and the players are hugging each other on the field. Betim Fazlighi equalized for the visitors a few seconds ago. After successfully winning the ball, FCSG merged into the penalty area, where Fazlighi was ready and placed the ball into the bottom right corner of the goal with plenty of overview.

St. Gallen is looking for the winning goal

It was a late goal for the visitors, who clearly made their mark on the game. The strike released more energy. As a result, GC were barely able to free themselves from their clutches and were fortunate when Christian Witzig fired the ball over the goal from a promising position with around a quarter of an hour remaining. A few minutes earlier, Hoppers goalkeeper Justin Hamel had already made a great save on a shot past a fired-up Witzig.

St. Gallen is primarily to blame for falling behind. After a corner kick in the 25th minute, goalkeeper Atty Zyge tried to clear the ball, but his defensive attempt reached Tse Nding, who shook his head gratefully.

Previously, the two teams had produced little in the way of a packed Letzigrund stadium on a barely playable pitch. The uncertainty following their cup exit – both teams having been eliminated a week earlier by lower-tier sides – was palpable and palpable. St. Gallen in particular was not particularly effective in front of goal. For example, Julian von Moss missed a huge chance in first-half stoppage time.

While St. Gallen will suffer from a lack of quality, GC must console themselves with the fact that they have scored points again after three recent tournament defeats.

And this is how it continues

Both teams don’t have a long break, we have an English week ahead of us. St. Gallen hosts YB next Wednesday, and GC will be a “guest” in Letzigrund when FCZ hosts its first derby of the season on Tuesday.