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No more “It’s me!”: The “Super Mario” voice will be retired.

No more “It’s me!”: The “Super Mario” voice will be retired.

For over 30 years, Charles Martin has been the voice of legendary video game plumber Mario. But now he is retiring.

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  • ‘It’s Not Me’: Charles Martinet retires as the voice of Super Mario.
  • Since 1991, he has appeared in over 100 video games as a famous plumber.
  • Now Martinet must instead become Mario’s “ambassador”.

American actor Charles Martin will not lend his voice to Nintendo’s Mario character. Since 1994, Martinet has provided the music for the most iconic video game hero of all time. His saying “It’s me, Mario” has been known for generations.

Martinet first slipped into the role of Mario in 1991, when at a Nintendo booth at trade shows, he played Mario’s 3D animated head that visitors could talk to. In the educational game “Mario teaches typing” he first appears in one of the games.

However, it wasn’t until 1996 that his voice became known with “Super Mario N64”, a revolutionary 3D game for the newly launched Nintendo 64 console, which is still considered today as one of the best video games ever made.

Mario has been in over 100 games.

Since then, Martinet has voiced Mario in over 100 different games. In addition to Mario, Martinet also set his brother Luigi to music, as well as villains Wario and Luigi.

In this year’s blockbuster “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” Martinet is no longer the voice of the main character, which Hollywood star Chris Pratt has stuck to.

However, Martinet made a small guest appearance in the animated film as Mario and Luigi’s father. Martinet should now become a “Mario ambassador”, Nintendo announced, and do the advertising for the company.

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