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Meschrütner Spielfest inspires young and old

Meschrütner Spielfest inspires young and old

Under bright blue skies and in sweltering heat, young and old gathered together in the Meistersrüte to take part in a variety of exciting and varied games. These events were organized with much commitment and attention to detail by the fire brigade, school board, shooters, Meschrütner’s goons and other creative minds. Participants were tested for reaction speed, accuracy, dexterity, and a little bit of luck. From traditional game ideas to modern and interactive, there was something to try for every taste.

Swimming pool to cool off

Despite the sweltering heat, the atmosphere on the festival grounds was cheerful and lively. The older participants encouraged and supported the younger ones, creating a harmonious atmosphere. Everyone who longed to cool off found the refreshment they needed in the specially installed swimming pool. Food and drinks were also provided thanks to the efforts of many volunteers.
The highlight of the game festival was undoubtedly the exciting competition between teams of four on the soap track. This required not only speed, but also teamwork and coordination, which prompted much cheering, laughter and cheers.

Festive mood at night

Of course, the obligatory bouncy castle couldn’t be missing, which was especially popular with younger players. The exuberant mood lasted until late summer night. And special thanks to all the generous helpers and sponsors, whose support contributed greatly to the success of this unforgettable festival.