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New Windows 11 Update: If you now have to buy a new PC

New Windows 11 Update: If you now have to buy a new PC

Windows 11

Microsoft will make it more difficult to use Windows 11 on older PCs that are no longer supported by the next update. We'll tell you if you need a new computer for this reason.

Windows 11 won't soon be running on every PC. (Source: [email protected] /

With Windows 11, Microsoft has significantly increased the system requirements. However, the operating system can also be used without any problems on computers that are no longer intended for it. Although there are some hurdles to overcome when installing Windows 11 on unsupported computers, thanks to numerous online instructions, this is usually not a problem even for laypeople. With the next update, Microsoft will likely put an end to the hype and hype and force some of you to buy a new PC.

how XDA Developers Citing X user Bob Pony, Microsoft will make a processor that supports the “Popcount” function (POPCNT) mandatory with the update called Windows 11 24H2.

Without Popcount your computer will no longer boot

On computers without a suitable CPU, Windows 11 will not start after the update because many system files are now using the functionality, including the kernel or USB XHCI driver. Since the computer simply no longer works, it will be difficult to overcome this limitation using tricks.

According to XDA Developers, the change should only affect computers with processors older than 15 years, but newer computers will support this functionality. The first processor with support for Popcount appeared in 2008. By the way, it is still unclear when the update to Windows 11 24H2 will appear.

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