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16GB 70W TDP efficient workstation graphics card

16GB 70W TDP efficient workstation graphics card

Which is presented now Nvidia RTX 2000 (“Ada Generation”) It is the manufacturer's cheapest latest generation workstation graphics card to date and combines the AD107 GPU with 88 tensor cores and 2816 shader units with 16 GiByte GDDR6 graphics memory and maximum efficiency. The combination of these specifications provides a total TDP of 70W, eliminating the need for an external PCIe power connection.

The Nvidia RTX 2000 inherits the Nvidia RTX A2000

The Nvidia RTX 2000 (“Ada Generation”) inherits the Nvidia RTX A2000 (“Ampere”), which only had 6 or 12 GB of GDDR6 graphics memory and could only deliver about 8 TFLOPS of single-precision performance. The new model, which is intended to represent entry-level workstation GPUs of the “Ada Lovelace” generation, offers a 50 percent performance increase with 12 TFLOPS.

Nvidia RTX 2000 Nvidia RTX A2000
building Ada Lovelace Ampere
Graphics processor M107 GA106
Shading units 2,816 3,328
Computational power 12 flop 8 FLOOP
Graphics memory 16 GB GDDR6 12 GB GDDR6
user interface 128 bit 192 bits
TDP 70 watts 70 watts

The goal is to address professional users and content creators who work in computer-aided design (CAD), rendering, modeling, video editing, VR training, and generative AI and who leverage Tensor Cores and the CUDA framework.

Source: Nvidia

Not only is the Nvidia RTX 2000 (“Ada Generation”) said to be particularly efficient, but it's also particularly compact. The professional graphics card measures just 167.6 x 68.6mm and takes up two PCIe slots in the case of a workstation PC. The lightweight weighs just 296-308g, depending on recording (“bracket”), and has 4 x Mini-DisplayPort 1.4a for 4 x 4K/UHD with 120Hz.

ADA RTX 2000
source: Nvidia

source: EG Devices

More technical specifications and basic information can be found on the official website Product page And also press release From Nvidia.

Entry starts at $625

Priced at $625, the Nvidia RTX 2000 (“Ada Generation”) will position itself at the lower end of the manufacturer's workstation portfolio and will now be sold through partner companies such as Dell, Lenovo, PNY and Leadtek.