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New Cabin: Which Allegris seat is right for me?  Lufthansa invites its guests to take the test

New Cabin: Which Allegris seat is right for me? Lufthansa invites its guests to take the test

The first Lufthansa aircraft with the new Allegris cabin is scheduled to take off in May. For the introduction, the group developed a test aimed at helping with seat selection.

Exclusivity is a big trend. Autonomy and self-determination are gaining increasing importance. Meanwhile, social norms fade into the background. What constitutes the good life is increasingly freely determined, at least in affluent societies. Also with economic consequences. Economically, there is differentiation between markets. In the end, each target group gets its own customized product.

Lufthansa has also recognized this trend. With Allegris, the new cabin for the long-haul fleet, the company is fully committed to customization. The airline offers no fewer than 14 different seating options across its four booking classes.

Perfect match test

In Business Class alone there are seven different types of seats, five of which can be booked. The width ranges from a longer reclining surface to wider seating to places that offer more privacy because they are away from the aisle. Lufthansa is also offering small suites for the first time thanks to the sidewalls. Economy class guests can choose, among other things, a free adjacent seat or the so-called sleeper row. And that's not all.

Anyone who has a choice will be confused with Lufthansa in the future, because if you do not know all the options, you may face difficulties when booking. To highlight seat selection, Lufthansa published a quiz on its website. She invites him Perfect match. It was developed for travel agency sales, but anyone can find the right seat by answering seven questions. He was the first to the gate Traveltopia I reported about it.

Seven questions to find the right seat

First, the number of passengers is queried. More questions follow, each with four to five clickable answers on the topics of comfort, sleep behavior, privacy, and entertainment. Multiple entries are possible. The last question is about how much money you want to spend. The appropriate seat will then be suggested. If you are not satisfied, you can start the test again.

There is also an overview explaining all the options. Lufthansa has not yet announced prices for individual seats. After some delays, the first A350s with the new cabin are scheduled to take off next month. Top destinations from Munich are Vancouver and Toronto. However, there is no first class yet, and it will be installed later due to difficulties in delivery.