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Neustadt/WN is reinstalling the historic fountain in a new location

Neustadt/WN is reinstalling the historic fountain in a new location

Neither Ursula Weichert from the city archives nor Oskar Schwarz know the artist who created the bronze statue of Musikantenbrunnen. “The artist was not well known at all,” says the veteran Neustadt artist, who also looked after the Sparkass archive for many years. But what is certain is that as of Wednesday, April 24, the fountain will be in a new location on the roof of the parking lot of the former Scherm Inn. Ripples again.

The Bronze Man currently gets a granite fountain basin as a base. This was given to him by Weiden stonemason Raithel. Junior boss Wolfgang Raithel talks about an unusual project because the relatively old aquarium already exists. “New wells happen every now and then.” The granite basin has been stored in the courtyard of the building in Neustadt for years. Building manager Alexander Lange doesn't know how long it's been there or where it came from. “That was before my time.”

Raithel says it's a good idea for the city to recycle the old piece of Flossenbürger granite instead of carving it from a new block. “They are traces of use and are original.” Wyden construction workers are cleaning the pool, which is about one and a half meters long, 85 centimeters wide and 75 centimeters high, and are repairing some areas.

The builder believes that the bronze statue of the Upper Palatinate musician itself is in good condition. The stand should be inspected and the upper Palatinate musician, about 85 cm high, should be affixed to a new granite base in the fountain. Raithel expects it will take about two and a half days to get everything settled, the pump installed, a pole for the power cables installed, and the fountain in its new location. The pump is not frost-resistant, but it can be easily removed in winter.

“The circulation pump saves the precious water resource and makes it easier to turn it off during the night,” says Mayor Sebastian Diebold, explaining two reasons behind the city's decision not to connect the well to electricity and thus not drink the water. Another: It was not necessary to install a water connection. This makes installation cheaper and site selection more flexible.


Weasel Fountain

  • It was first mentioned in 1578
  • An underground pipeline runs through the Naab from Wieseltrad to the well in the lower suburb near the Witt estate
  • Moving the fountain to the enclosure of the municipal building located on the corner of Adolf-Kolping-Straße and Stadtmühlweg
  • 1956 A new fountain after the construction of the Sparkass residential building on this site with a bronze statue of an Upper Palatinate musician with a trumpet
  • After taking multiple damage, go to the Banking Hall in Sparkasse in the City Square
  • With Sparkasse, the musical personality also moves to the new building on Knorrstrasse
  • 2021 Donating the Bronze Musician to the city
  • April 24: Official unveiling of the new fountain in the parking lot of the former Scherm Inn