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Burgenlandliga – Edelserpentin left the field as losers again

Burgenlandliga – Edelserpentin left the field as losers again

The Noble Serpent – Horichon 1:2. The third game of the spring, the third defeat for the Edelserpentine. The third defeat by one goal. As had happened the previous week in Parndorf, a tour was also organised.

Julian Schwarz gave SpG a 1-0 lead after 21 minutes. The goal came at the best stage for the home team in the match, as coach Michael Horvath noted: “Unfortunately, we did not get off to a good start at all and Horrichon was superior at the beginning, but after 15 minutes we became a little nervous.” More active. “After the 1-0 score, we had a lot of chances in transition, but in the end we did not finish the attacks intelligently.”

The visitors from Central Burgenland punished negligence after the start of the second half. And it is in the person of the young René Maschler. He scored the equalizer just after the hour mark and then put the ball into the net to take the lead (85th).

For Horrichon, it was the third win in the fourth game of the second half of the season, meaning they are closer to the top of the league. On the other hand, the Nobel Serpentine is still waiting for the first point in the new year. “Substitutions brought us a lot of goals in the fall, but unfortunately that is not the case at the moment,” coach Horvath tries to find the reasons for the losing streak. “At the same time, we often go through phases where we are not there.”

For ASK coach Eddie Stossel, there was not much to complain about: “We played great despite the disastrous pitch, which actually only benefited the opponent. It is a very important victory, and I am very proud of the team.”



SpG Edelserpentin – Asco Horicone 1:2 (1:0).-

Target sequence: 1:0 (21) Black, 1:1 (62) Maschler, 1:2 (85) Maschler.

Spare: 2:4 (Horvath, Wobel; Szelski 2, Trenker, Johnson).

SR: Erdem-Stuben, 222.

Noble Serpent: Earth Egg; Sarossi (72. Bernhard), Szupanko, Nagy, Stromayer, Horvath; Edurjan (67 Angerbock), Varga (36 Pfeiffer), Ajek; Black (72. Weber), Mokulli.

Horichon: Ratkai; Niklas Lehner, Huber, Ostermann (Akerler No. 52); Bastian Lehner, Rikirch (90. Szelski), Haller, Nico Wesley (Philip Wesley); Graf, Mashler. Trinkmann.