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Negreanu feels terrible in the interview

Negreanu feels terrible in the interview

Negreanu reached the final table as a short group, then brought his chips to the middle with A♥Q♣ against Isaac Haxton’s A♠4♣ as the clear favorite. Running out 4♥5♥7♥A♦2♠ was extremely unfortunate for the Canadian. On the river he missed by 17 points.

But the 49-year-old took it sportingly and a few minutes later appeared for the final interview with presenter Natalie Body. When asked for his advice on who would win the event, he seemed a bit annoyed. in (formerly Twitter) raised its sights and took a shot at PokerGO’s production:

“Pro tip to the @PokerGO managers at the box. In one famous interview, the player who just got eliminated at that moment gives exactly 0%%*% on who will win the tournament.” For him, the opposite is true because “if the goal is to completely beat the player” to make him lean, it’s an excellent question.

When asked by one of X’s followers, Negreanu posted three questions he asked himself after going bankrupt. The only thing he still owes is answers.

“It’s obviously not the result you wanted, but are you happy with your performance? Do you regret it?”

“What drives you to compete and play against such high-quality competition?”

It was a brutal escape. What does it take to deal with the emotional roller coaster of a high-stakes poker game?

The Super High Roller Bowl Championship will be decided tonight and Haxton is considered the favorite to succeed Negreanu and win the $2,760,000 prize. With six players remaining, the American leads with 3,005,000 chips, far ahead of Chris Brewer (845,000) and Jason Kuhn (700,000).