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Has the princess finally taken control of herself?

Has the princess finally taken control of herself?

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An exhausting week is slowly coming to an end for Charlene Monaco. The princess clearly isn’t allowing herself to rest for a second, even though her recent health slump wasn’t that long ago.

Monaco – There is an appointment currently pursuing another at the Princely House of Monaco. There is little time to relax. But while the daily routine at the Prince de Monaco’s palace is established at a high level, there is also growing concern that Charlene of Monaco, 45, may be taking it too far. After her long recovery, is the princess up to the task?

The week is full of appointments and crowds of people waiting for Charlene

At the beginning of the week, the royal couple visited l’Espace Lamartine, a meeting point open to all Monaco residents for activities such as workshops, sports or creative leisure activities. In the presence of Albert II (65 years old) and Charlene, the Archbishop of Monaco, Monsignor Dominique Marie David (60 years old), blessed the building before starting the tour with the Mayor of Monaco, Georges Marsan (66 years old), and several local councilors and delegates. Charlene smiles delicately as always in front of the cameras in the group photo.

The next day, Albert exploded. Literally: As part of the preparations for the II Prince Albert Cup in Monaco, the King boards an eco-balloon bearing the principality’s colors and sets off. While her husband lets the refreshing wind blow around his nose, the Princess takes care of all matters related to the palace, including her two children, Jacques and Gabrielas (both 8 years old).

Charlene Monaco “almost died,” according to friends

PageSix had revealed friends’ statement that the Princess of Monaco “almost died.” Charlene had to undergo several surgeries in South Africa in the spring of 2021 as a result of a serious infection in her nose, ear and throat. She looked very emaciated in the photos. An ear, nose, and throat infection caused serious sinus and swallowing problems due to a previous surgery. The Princess only returned in November 2021. After the hospital stay, the treatment was gradually reduced, so it has been less than a year since Charlene slowly returned to her duties.

Midweek: Charlene from Monaco boards a new speedboat with Albert

Charlene from Monaco is back to maximum effort, as a look back at her week shows (photo montage).
Charlene from Monaco is back to maximum effort, as a look back at her week shows (photo montage). © Alexandre Demo / imago and Instagram @hshprincealbertiis

Wednesday is approaching and brings with it the opening of the Monaco Yacht Show 2023, which will be on display in Port Hercules until September 30. This is the most beautiful collection of superyachts of the year, presented in the idyllic setting of Monaco. Charlene accompanies Albert all day and in the evening she inaugurates a new speedboat for the Sea Police and Airport Marine Rescue with Charlotte Casiraghi (37 years old). She routinely looks at the cameras alongside Albert.

Thursday brings a new crowd of people to the prince’s palace. The Only Watch community is teaming up with the Prince and Princess to raise money for research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy (a genetic disease). Charlene looks seriously into the camera lens in the heart of society, dressed all in black. It’s nice to see the Princess so active, if you take into account the constant rumors of a breakup and the prestigious trips that Charlene is taking again, the tension is still very high. Sources used:, Instagram