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NC-17 CONNECT 3D universal mount in testing

NC-17 CONNECT 3D universal mount in testing

NC-17 CONNECT 3D UNIVERSAL RACK IN TEST: As a German craftsman, NC-17 has been producing high-quality bicycle parts for over 30 years. With your CONNECT series, you try to improve the optimal and safe carrying of smartphones on your bike.

Compared to the one-click 3D mount, the 3D Universal Mount is designed not only for use in light terrain, but also for tough mountain bike touring. The emphasis is on compact design, stability and low weight. Before purchasing, you should consider one of the three mounting options, because the mount is available in two different versions for the handlebar and also for the windshield. In our testing we looked at the classic handlebar set.

NC-17 CONNECT 3D – Progressive stabilization

Installing the NC-17 CONNECT 3D mount is simple and self-explanatory and requires no tools. In the first step, the stand is attached to one of the three included soft pads. The adapter is then screwed into the ball socket. In order for the smartphone to fit into the holder, 3 different spacers made of foam rubber are included in the delivery. The corresponding spacer must be glued before inserting the smartphone into the holder. To fix this, you must activate the locking device. This gradually declines and eventually you have to hold the smartphone at every corner. Basically, smartphones including cases up to 12.5mm thick can be inserted into the holder.

NC-17 3D Connect

Data on the NC-17 CONNECT 3D universal stand

Quick removal of the smartphone

The NC-17 CONNECT 3D Universal Mount stood up to our round of single track testing. The smartphone is held firmly and securely on the handlebars at all times. We also liked the fact that the mount only covers the corners of the screen to a minimum. The controls on the side are also easily accessible. Aligning the stand can be easily done by loosening the mounting screw, and the stand can be rotated 360 degrees. It is also worth noting the removal of the smartphone, as the holding levers open after pressing the unlock key and the device can be removed immediately.