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My father is in prison: She wanted 105 children, and now she has 22 children and is a single mother

My father is in prison: She wanted 105 children, and now she has 22 children and is a single mother

Cristina Ozturk is only 26 years old and has 22 children, most of whom are the same age. But this is far from the end.


There are a lot of children, but it’s true: 26-year-old Russian Christina Ozturk is a mother of 22 children – and she wants more children. The fact that her husband is currently in prison should not affect family planning.

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  • Kristina Ozturk, born in Moscow, is 26 years old and married to a Turkish millionaire: the couple has 22 biological children.
  • Because her husband is in prison, Christina is now a “single parent” – albeit with the support of several nannies.
  • The Ozturk family has not yet completed family planning: there will be 105 children.

She is only 26 years old and is a mother of 22 children. But Cristina Ozturk is not satisfied yet. She and her husband, Galip Ozturk, want to have 105 children one day. This is despite the fact that she is currently a “single parent.” The millionaire’s husband is often a lawbreaker and speaks loudly Media reports Currently imprisoned.

But even with her husband on the loose: Anyone who’s paid attention to biology class knows it can be difficult for the Russian-born woman to achieve that goal. The fact that she already has 22 children, almost all of them between two or three years old, is surprising.

Explanation: The Ozturk family hired dozens of surrogate mothers who gave birth to their biological children between 2020 and 2021 for the equivalent of 157,000 francs. Christina has an eight-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, which she gave birth to herself.

Christina Ozturk regularly informs her 240 thousand followers on Instagram that she spends an incredible amount of energy on her family. They all live in the Georgian Black Sea city of Batumi in a large mansion – with up to 16 nannies working day and night looking after the children and collectively earning the equivalent of 75,000 francs a year.

Even if her husband is in prison, Christina does not want to give up her dream of having one hundred children thanks to surrogacy. Especially since she claims to be a practical mother: “I am with the children all the time and do all the things that mothers usually do.”