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Muttenz BL: Catalytic converter stolen from a BMW

Muttenz BL: Catalytic converter stolen from a BMW

Motenz BL

When he started his BMW, the engine roared like a tractor

One news scout reported how he was startled when he started his car: the roar of the engine and a sound much louder than usual. Then the garage owner explained to him the sudden reason.


Suddenly the 2003 BMW 318 Ci roared like a tractor – and it was only in the garage that it became clear why.

20 minutes/Scouting News

As a news scout Motenz BL When he started the engine of his 2003 BMW 318 Ci on Friday, he knew immediately something was wrong: His car was roaring like a tractor. Since the reason was a mystery to him, he headed to a nearby garage.

There the garage owner explained to him: That Catalyst was gone. The news scout is sure someone stole it. “Since I last used my car on Wednesday, it must have happened sometime after that.” The car was parked in front of his house in a clearly visible place. “I’m surprised no one noticed anything.”

The catalyst has disappeared: the precious metals it contains fetch up to 500 francs for thieves.

20 minutes/Scouting News

The police were amazed

from Garage owners It was learned that four to five other car owners in the area had recently fallen victim to catalytic converter thieves. But he said garage owners or car dealers are usually more affected.

Then the newsfinder called the police. I was surprised that the theft happened in front of the house. Now he hopes insurance will cover the damage. The costs are likely to range between 2,000 and 3,000 francs. “If the insurance doesn’t pay, I’ll sell the car for export,” says Newsfinder.

Catalytic converters are stolen for precious metals

Catalytic converters have ceramic carriers. Expensive precious metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium are incorporated into these metals. Stolen catalytic converters often end up at recycling plants. There the valuable components are separated from the rest. Thieves get about 100 to 500 francs per catalytic converter.

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