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Mozilla Thunderbird 102.0: Open-Source-Client mit Matrix-Integration erschienen

Mozilla Thunderbird 102.0: An open source client with Matrix integration has been launched

Photo: Mozilla/MZLA Technologies Corporation

The open source email client Mozilla Thunderbird now has free communication protocol integration by default matrix, a significantly revised address book, a new account setup center and many other innovations. Now the main focus is on the mobile version based on K-9 Mail.

With the release of Mozilla Thunderbird 102.0, a whole set of modifications will be made to the popular open source email client, which will include the following innovations in detail.

Thunderbird 102.0 with Matrix integration

In addition to the integration of the Matrix protocol, which is considered particularly secure and which is also used for this reason in schools and authorities in Schleswig-Holstein and for the Bundeswehr messenger “BwMessenger”, many free client modules for Windows have also been developed and completely revamped macOS and Linux.

What’s New in Thunderbird 102.0
  • Space Toolbar
  • Link preview cards
  • Matrix Customer Support
  • Redesign the header
  • New account setup center
  • New address book
  • import and export

above about:config → chat.prpls.prpl-matrix.disable The matrix protocol, which is still classified as an experimental feature, can also be deactivated if desired by setting the corresponding value to true is set.

Organize workspaces into “Spaces”.

The new “Spaces” toolbar aims to make it easier to organize and switch between workspaces and modules such as the new address book, inbox, outbox, chat, calendar and tasks, and make them easier for the user to access.

New Spaces Toolbar in Mozilla Thunderbird 102.0
The new “Spaces” toolbar in Mozilla Thunderbird 102.0 (Photo: Mozilla)

In addition to the revised link preview of emails, the so-called “link preview card”, which can convert a link inside an email message into a rich link preview, the website content is displayed on the Thunderbird 102.0 card also the new “Account Setup Center”, Which would make setting up new user accounts much easier and faster.

Preview of the new link in Thunderbird 102.0
Preview of the new link in Thunderbird 102.0 (Photo: Mozilla)
The new “Account Setup Hub” in Thunderbird 102.0 (Photo: Mozilla)

In addition, there is a native implementation of the import and export functionality for user accounts – which is no longer necessary to implement with an add-on – and a redesign of the email header. Mozilla developers have already released some of the mentioned innovations for testing with Thunderbird 99 Beta and Thunderbird 101 on the daily channel.

Provide more information Official release notes to Thunderbird 102.0.

Mozilla Thunderbird 103 Beta . Released

While developers would like to focus on the mobile Thunderbird client based on K-9 Mail with the release of Thunderbird 102.0, developments on the desktop client go with Thunderbird 103.0 Beta (Release Notes) Already in the next round.

The next software release is planned for Android mobile devices, and a version for iOS will follow later. MZLA Technologies, a subsidiary of Mozilla Foundationresponsible.

Download on ComputerBase

As usual, Mozilla Thunderbird 102.0 and Thunderbird 103.0 Beta 1 can be downloaded directly below this message from the ComputerBase download area.

YouTube channel “9to5Linux” provides first impressions of Thunderbird 102.0.


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