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Mourning Paul Croto

Updated on 03/28/2023 at 5:59 PM

The Winter Sports family mourns Paul Croto. The 2021 Russian world champion in freestyle skiing is only 30 years old. While he is sleeping, a vessel explodes in his brain.

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Pavel Krutov, the world-class freestyle driver, died of a brain hemorrhage on the night of March 24th. This was confirmed by Alexander Bungelsky, head coach of the Russian national team, according to the information “picture”– RIA Novosti news agency newspaper.

“At night while he was asleep, one of the brain vessels burst,” Bungelski said. Any help came too late for Croto.

The Free Russian Federation wrote: “Many people remember Pavel as a kind, elegant and courageous person. We express our deep and sincere condolences to Pavel Krutov’s family, relatives and colleagues.”

Pavel Krutov celebrated his World Cup gold with the team in 2021

Croto impressed with his skills in the aerials, where two artificial jumps with combinations of somersaults, turns and sliding tackles are required in every competition. Krutov celebrated the gold medal on the team at the 2021 World Cup in Sweden with Lyubov Nikitina and Maxim Borrow. In singles, Crotto took the bronze medal behind compatriot Boro and Christopher Lillis of the United States.

At the 2014 Winter Olympics, Krutov reached 10th place in the home match in Sochi, and four years later he almost reached the podium: Krutov finished 4th in Pyeongchang. In the 2019/20 season, Kroto finished second in the Aerial Games World Cup, winning two of the 46 total matches he played in the World Cup in his career.

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