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National Evergreen turns 65 – Pensioner Hermann remains the record holder – Sport

National Evergreen turns 65 – Pensioner Hermann remains the record holder – Sport

Nati-Evergreen turns 65 – Hermann remains record-holder pensioner – Sport – SRF

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Heinz Herrmann celebrates his 65th birthday on March 28th. The Zurich native remains a national record player. But how far?

On the day Granit Xhaka played his 113th cap for the national team, Heinz Herrmann celebrated his 65th birthday. This is important because Hermann is still the Swiss record player in the national team – but Xhaka is getting closer and closer to him.

For almost 32 years and Hermann’s last international match in October 1991 (3-1 victory over Sweden), the Swiss record was 118 matches. The Zurich man from the Seefeld region wore his football boots for the national team for 13 years (beginning in 1978). During this time, the national selection was denied participation in a major tournament.

70 caps on account

Xhaka has been a national team player for almost 12 years. Unlike Hermann, the current national team captain has participated in six World Cups or European Championships. Only 32 of the 112 matches were friendly. This proportion differs with Hermann: he played no less than 70 times in a friendly match.

The 30-year-old Xhaka must catch up and beat Hermann. After all, Arsenal’s mercenaries still have a lot to do with the national costume. But at least Herrmann, who played for JC, Zamax, Servet and Aarau when active, was able to “save” the record for retirement.

You can find out how Hermann has remained true to soccer beyond his playing career in the audio contribution above. You can tell which profession Hermann originally learned in this post Looking at.

SRF Radio 1, Morning Talk, March 28, 2023, 6:15 am;

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