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More space for those wishing to build - Lowenburg

More space for those wishing to build – Lowenburg

The local council Rötzel approves the development plan for the 1.5 hectares / 19 plots “Bühlerin” area.

In the coming years, 19 plots of land on 1.5 hectares “Bühlrain” will be established in the Rotzel region. 24 single or semi-detached houses can then be built there. And the local council decided unanimously to draw up a development plan, and approved the draft, which will be open for a month, provided that the local council adopts the same decision on Monday. Mayor Ulrich Krieger urged patience “however, we certainly will not be able to build next year”.

. The city and region are responding to the ever-increasing demand for construction sites. The population of Lowenburg has grown to 9,100 in recent years, and this development is likely to continue. At the same time, little building space is available. The last development plan for single and semi-detached homes was drawn up in Reina in 2012, and since then building areas have been designated only within the city, and in some cases also for multi-family homes. …