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More space by more length

More space by more length

The Kia Sportage now also comes with a short and long wheelbase. The competition is already doing this with great success.

The basics in brief

  • New mid-range SUVs coming in 2022
  • The two lengths due to different wheelbases ensure choice
  • Gasoline, diesel and hybrid drives

VW Tiguan Allspace is leading the way and now the Koreans are following suit. The new Kia Sportage will be available in two versions, one short and one long. We suspected it would happen last month. Kia has now passed the first dimensions.

The long Kia Sportage will be 4.66 meters long, 1.86 meters wide and 1.66 meters tall. The short version, which provides length at the wheelbase and rear doors, is ten centimeters shorter. In addition to the more spacious interior in the rear, the trunk volume of the Lange is 637 liters.

We hope the long wheelbase Kia Sportage will come to Europe

However, one question remains unanswered about the new Kia Sportage. Because it is uncertain whether the Koreans will offer both versions in Switzerland. So far, only the short car has been sold in Europe. But specifically, the success of the Tiguan, Tarako and Kodiak should be an argument in favor of a dual strategy.

Visually, the Kia Sportage is delightful in both versions. The wide network is now called Digital Tiger Face and is no longer Tiger Nose. For this, the radiator grille was significantly expanded, and the small LED lights took up little space. The daytime running lights are pulled deep into the hood and fenders.

The wings are also extended outward and the rear wheel arches are more aggressively designed. The wheelbase also feels extended compared to the old model. Here we suspect a change in the European paradigm. Similar to Hyundai Tucson, which is offered globally in a long version, this should be the difference.

Two-tone interior design as a high-quality highlight

The interior is particularly successful compared to its somewhat clumsy predecessor. Here the high-quality global Kia Sportage looks. An elegant two-tone ambiance is a highlight thanks to elaborate stitching and chrome surfaces. The large glass cockpit is already familiar from Kia Sorento.

Technically, it will stay with the Smartstream small-displacement 1.6-liter turbo engines. Furthermore, the 230hp plug-in hybrid will rank as the best model. It is doubtful whether the diesel will make it to the new model. Kia is still quite shy about the details here.

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