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Moon Knight: Barely Nowhere for a Bushman in Episode 5 - That's Why Marvel Deleted the Comedy Villain

Moon Knight: Barely Nowhere for a Bushman in Episode 5 – That’s Why Marvel Deleted the Comedy Villain

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Moon Knight delves into Mark’s past in Episode 5 and reveals more about the hero’s origin story. The Bushman villain was mentioned, but we never saw him.

Moon Knight: Mark and Stephen learn about their past

Moon Knight: Mark and Stephen learn about their pasts (Credit: Marvel/Disney+)

  • In the fifth episode of “Moon Knight”, we learned more about the origin story of the Moon Knight.
  • Bushman, an important character from the comics, is also mentioned for the first time.
  • However, the villain is no longer expected to appear in the Disney + series.

Marvel has said goodbye to introducing each new hero with an origin story first, instead you’re usually thrown right into the action and any gaps in understanding cleared up afterward.

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So the fifth episode of “Moon Knight” answered some important questions ahead of the big finale. The Moon Knight’s origins are partially referenced in the comics, but the whole topic is dealt with very quickly.

Therefore, having to leave the army, Mark joined his former commander and became a mercenary. Together they cleared the burial chamber in Egypt, but then the officer, Bushman, demanded that no witnesses be allowed to survive.

Not only did Lily’s father die, but Mark was also seriously injured when he disobeyed Bushman’s orders. The deal with Khoncho allowed Mark to save his life and become Moon Knight, but Bushman remained an important figure in the comics and a known enemy of Mark.

So fans of the comics were so dependent on Bushman’s vision of the series on Disney+ that after all, there wouldn’t have been a Moon Knight without Bushman. However, after Episode 5, it seems clear that Bushman will not appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In fact, Moon Knight producers warned audiences early on that Bushman would not appear on the show, believing the character to be too similar to Black Panther’s Killmonger. For the miniseries, Arthur Harrow was quite enough as a competitor to Moon Knight.

Bushman is no longer expected to reach the Grand Final on May 4, 2022, but there’s a good chance we’ll finally meet Jake Lockley, Mark’s third character. When and where we’ll see the “Moon Knight” again next isn’t certain yet, but Marvel supplies will certainly come in the coming years.

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