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Millions of spiders in Australia weave huge webs

Not just a horror for arachnophobes in Australia. Millions of spiders weave a vast web.

Brief essentials

  • In the Australian state of Victoria, millions of spiders are currently escaping flooding.
  • Eight-legged spiders weave very large webs.

Here in Europe we enjoy the sun. I.n USA It will be very hot with about 50 degrees.

In Australia? In Australia, winter is slowly but surely approaching. While we are enjoying the hottest sun in Europe, the temperature is dropping Under the Town.

Do you like spiders?

It has been raining heavily in the state of Victoria for the past few days. It is Animal effects!

Countless spiders bring themselves in front of someone threatening Flood Safe. To do this, they weave large nets, some of which cover large parts of the Australian bushland.

Dimensions of the giant spider cave can be seen in the Reuters video.

According to the report, the species is harmless to humans. Accordingly, the webs were built by fast spiders.

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