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Germany mocks Britain for travel restrictions

To make matters worse, since March, the Germans have been allowed to go to Mallorca without isolating themselves when they return, as the British have been on holiday abroad illegally.

Since then, Germany has opened its voyage to much of Europe, adding Greece, France and much of Spain to its green list on Friday, joining Portugal and Italy.

While the British were planning to go to these places for PCR testing equipment and self-isolation for ten days, the Germans only needed a negative PCR test before going home.

When you drive – a six-hour drive from Munich to the Italian coast – you do not even need a test to get home.

Even for some European travel destinations on the German Amber list, the rules are still not as strict as British rules.

Places like Andalusia have a medium to low risk type in the German system, which allows them to complete their isolation at any time with a negative PCR test during the return holidays.

In fact, the only place in Germany where Germans could not easily travel was Great Britain, which is currently on the country’s red list due to concerns about the Indian alternative.

Helge Brown, president of Angela Merkel, on Friday called on the Germans not to travel to any European football championships in London.