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Microsoft is testing an integrated QR generator and more

Microsoft is testing an integrated QR generator and more

Microsoft is currently testing some new features as part of the Insider Program. There is also a QR generator that can make it easier for users to share files with mobile devices in the future.

Build a new trial version of Windows

Microsoft announced yesterday Blog It announced the release of the new beta version with build number 22635.3420 (KB5035953). As a result, Windows 11 will likely get some interesting additional functionality in the future. In addition to the return of drag-and-drop functionality in the address bar of the file explorer, which we've already reported on, the addition of a built-in QR generator is also likely to be one of the additions.

Sharing links and files becomes easier

This new QR generator aims to make sharing web pages and files from the cloud faster and easier. The corresponding button for creating an icon is located in the Share menu of Microsoft's Edge browser, right next to the Copy URL button. This makes forwarding Internet addresses and files to mobile devices much easier.

The taskbar is also getting a tweak in the beta version. The location where the widgets are displayed moves to the left of the system tray. The area size is also adjusted so that UI elements now have more space to display information.

Several fixes

In addition, according to Microsoft, the following bugs have been fixed, among others:

  • File Explorer: Fixed an issue that caused File Explorer to crash on launch for a small number of users.
  • Multiple Desktops: Fixed an issue where the option to set a different wallpaper did not work on each desktop.
  • Search: Fixed an issue that could cause Search to stop displaying app results.
  • Task Manager: Fixed an issue where processes would not stop when closing applications while the Task Manager was open.

Beta channel as a testing environment

Microsoft reiterates that the Beta channel is where the company previews new features that are close to what it plans to offer to customers generally via updates. However, this does not mean that every function tested in the beta channel will actually find its way into regular Windows builds. However, experience shows that this is not uncommon.


  • New Windows 11 beta build 22635.3420 has been released
  • Drag and drop back into the address bar in Explorer
  • Added built-in QR generator in Edge browser
  • The sharing menu allows quick forwarding
  • The taskbar now displays user interface items to the left of the system tray
  • More space for user interface elements to display information
  • There is no guarantee of new features in regular Windows

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