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Mickie Krause replaces pop singer Beatrice Egli on the TV show

Mickie Krause replaces pop singer Beatrice Egli on the TV show

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Finally, Beatrice Egli hosted a TV special. But the pop singer doesn’t get another chance. Instead, Mickey Krause takes her place.

BERLIN – Beatrice Egli (35 years old) is already swimming on the wave of success. The pop singer even recently hosted her own prime-time “Beatrice Egli Show” on ARD. But now the setback: ZDF has replaced her in a show she was allowed to run last year. Instead, Ballerman star Micky Krause (53 years old) is taking over.

“ZDF Midnight Party”: Mickie Krause replaces Beatrice Egli

It was introduced in 2022 Beatrice Egli, who frequently flirts with Florian Silbereisen (42) in front of the camerasNor the ZDF Midnight Party. Along with Bulent Ceylan (47), she led the pre-recorded program shortly after midnight at the turn of the year.

According to reports, ZDF will broadcast live from the Brandenburg Gate again on New Year’s Eve and celebrate the new year with Andrea Kewell (58 years old) and Johannes P. Kerner (58 years old). This is followed by the “ZDF Midnight Party”. But this time not with Beatrice Egli and Bulent Ceylan, but with concert singer Mickie Krause. He didn’t want to miss the opportunity to “heat things up with his own songs.”

Without Beatrice Egli: here Micky Krause celebrates the “ZDF Midnight Party”

This year the “ZDF Midnight Party” will be pre-recorded again. It’s already December 11th. The scene takes place at the Berlin club SchwuZ. ZDF promises a “colourful mix of music with highlights of different TV shows and featured videos”. But tickets for this have already been sold out.

Beatrice Egli sings.  Performance by Mickey Krause
Most recently, pop star Beatrice Egli hosted the “ZDF Midnight Party” show. Now Mickey Krause takes over. © IMAGO / Christian Schroedter & IMAGO / Future Image

On the other hand, Beatrice Egli is still with her fans elsewhere. There were big emotions at one of their recent concerts: Beatrice Egli burst into tears in the middle of the stage. Sources used:, ZDF,