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Michael Wendler and Laura reveal the secret of the important news

Michael Wendler and Laura reveal the secret of the important news

A few days ago, Michael Wendler and his “sweetheart” Laura announced some important news. They have now revealed the secret of “life-changing”.

The basics in brief

  • Will Wendler and Laura become parents?
  • Fans have been asking themselves this question for the past few days.
  • But now they are very disappointed: the baby is not on the way.

We announced it in December, and now it’s finally time: Michael Wendler, 49, and his wife, Laura, 21, have revealed the secret!

On Dirty Page «OnlyFans» The couple made a big surprise last month. Wendler promised information that “will change our lives, Laura and mine, forever.”

Immediately the rumor mill was boiling to get pregnant. But the “real breaker,” as they called the news, now turned out to be a boring property purchase.

We bought a plot of land! Cheers leave school on the erotic podium. lovable fallen pop star, he adds, “Laura found the property, and I told you, prices are going up here in Florida. So of course we are absolutely glad we found the property of our dreams!”

Fans who were happy with a baby boy were deeply disappointed. But the impending offspring doesn’t seem entirely ruled out.

Do you like Michael Wendler’s music?

“Now it starts with possessions. Everyone can imagine what will follow.” What is further added: “The nest does not remain alone.”

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