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Michael Lang ensures calm at Bayern when it comes to training

Noble reserve as a lifesaver coach

Thanks to Michi Lang, Alex Frei is firmly in the saddle

Recently, Michael Lange was just a reserve soldier at FCB, which should change after Sergio Lopez’s absence. Does the veteran even hope to form a team for the World Cup?


Alex Frey has a lot to thank Michael Lang for that: the right-back has ensured Bayern’s lead in both European Cup and Cup qualifiers.

The sadness of one person is the joy of another human being! With Sergio Lopez rupturing his syndromic ligament during the international break, Michael Lange should be certain of his place at right-back in the FCB’s four-man reserve team in the coming weeks. He, who has been behind the Spaniard in three of the last four games.

Was Lang secretly happy with Lopez’s absence? “No, definitely not,” says the 31-year-old, “First of all, I am very sorry for Sergio. Competition is important to keep each individual player focused.” But Lange already anticipates that he will be able to play for more minutes again due to Lopez’s exit – with mixed feelings: “It’s always better to get the advantage from the coach when the opponent is healthy. And not because you’re the only solution left.”