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MEGHAN Markle disagrees – Prince Harry is house hunting in London

MEGHAN Markle disagrees – Prince Harry is house hunting in London

Is the next problem already approaching?

One thing is for sure: Prince Harry (39) and Meghan Markle (42) live in California with their children Archie (4) and Lilibet (2).

What is also certain is that members of the royal family who are no longer active no longer have a residence in England.

On March 1, a spokesperson for Harry and his wife confirmed. “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been asked to vacate their residence at Frogmore Cottage.”

It was said that it was a “good thing” for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to leave the house at that time.

But now Prince Harry faces completely different problems. Because the former king still has the role of state counselor.

So Prince Harry is one of the seven members of the royal family. These could represent King Charles II.

For example, if he is abroad or sick. And here lies the problem (housing)!

“Meghan and Harry are disagreeing on the issue of the house,” a source says now to OK! magazine”.

“But they will soon be looking for their own home near London. Harry is at the forefront of that.”

And it seems there’s one thing that’s no longer an option for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: a property on royal land. The insider said: “Due to the issues with Frogmore Cottage, they will not ask Charles for a property on the royal estate.”

“It’s not impossible that they will use a small apartment in Kensington Palace from time to time. But when it comes to a house in England, they will buy it themselves.”

While Harry occasionally finds his way to England, Meghan has not been seen there since Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in September 2022.