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Mary Wegener has completely changed five years after her DSDS win

Mary Wegener has completely changed five years after her DSDS win

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Marie Wegner was on stage at Florian Silbereisen’s “Schlagerstrandparty” and not only fascinated her fans musically. Five years after her DSDS win, she’s hardly recognisable.

Gelsenkirchen – In 2018 Marie Wegener (22) charmed TV viewers and sat in DSDS– Final against Michel Trogg (31) up. At that time she was only 16 years old. Today – five years later – she is still successfully composing music, and on August 12 she was on stage at Florian Silberisen’s “Schlagerstrandparty” (42). But there aren’t many shy teens left today.

From the remarkable to the dazzling: Mary Wegener is barely recognizable five years after the triumph of DSDS

Mary Wegner had to follow her own announcement of the 2018 winner from the floor. Because the DSDS Final lasted until after midnight – and that’s when the Youth Protection Act came into force. With a sweet pony hairstyle, the 16-year-old sang her way into the audience’s hearts. Marie touched people, she seemed wonderfully normal: the girl next door.

Five years have passed since the victory. The cute, inconspicuous girl became a confident young woman – and cute looks since then are a long history. The bangs are gone, the hair is lighter, and the makeup is no longer so subtle.

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While DSDS participants hoped for a major breakthrough, several winners’ careers failed after a short time at show casting: that became DSDS stars.

Little black dress with high heels: Marie Wegener in a stunning look at ‘Schlagerstrandparty’

At Florian Silbereisen, Marie Wegener appears on August 12th. She swapped the sneakers for high heels and instead of a flared dress, the DSDS winner wears a bodycon mini dress with a pretty open back. Not only does Mary Wegner charm visually, the 22-year-old also has a lot to offer musically.

Oliver Jessen and Marie Wegener at the Season 15 Final of RTL Cast Deutschland sucht den Superstar DSDS 2018 at MMC Coloneum.  Cologne, May 5, 2018. Marie Wegener during a recording
From the remarkable to the dazzling: Marie Wegener is barely recognizable five years after her DSDS (photomontage) win © IMAGO / Future Image & IMAGO / Eventpress & IMAGO / Christian Schroedter

the rest: in advance, “Schlagerstrandparty” by Florian Silbereisen to much discussion among fans. Finally, the show will not be live. They don’t agree with the sparse lineup info either. Sources used: Instagram/Mary Wegener