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Marvel's Avengers: XP boost removed due to Shitstorm

Marvel’s Avengers: XP boost removed due to Shitstorm

Square Enix has urged Marvel’s Avengers not to use Pay2Win. Feeable items with an XP boost are now causing a storm of bullshit.

The basics in brief

  • Meanwhile, many of the drawable items in Marvel’s Avengers are causing a stir.
  • Because of the XP boosts, fans see the items as Pay2Win’s way of being in the action game.
  • The developers responded to the storm and removed the items.

Since their release last year, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have both relied on the fair play of Marvel’s Avengers. For example, microtransactions vs. Real money is not an effective advantage Measure in the game. In the fan community, there has now been a storm of bullshit due to various elements doing exactly that.

Boost XP in Marvel’s Avengers for money

In particular, these are mainly “Hero Catalysts” and “Fragment Extractors”, which provide experience points and resources. Fans see an unfair advantage in these items in the in-game store. However, from the developer’s point of view, it should be No actual Pay2Win to be submitted.

However, a public apology was made for the action on Tuesday Twitter chest. Not only did the developers ask for amnesty, but the appropriate actions were also announced at the same time. Since yesterday evening the items are no longer available to buy real money. In the future, it can only be received and used as a reward.

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