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Mario vs. Donkey Kong – Nintendo presents the game in detail

Mario vs. Donkey Kong – Nintendo presents the game in detail

A new Mario adventure will be released for Switch in a couple of weeks: Mario vs. Donkey Kong will not only provide players with their talent for platforming, but will also offer some challenging puzzles. Nintendo explains what it's about and how the game works in a new video.

The back story is quickly told: Donkey Kong stole all the Mario minifigures. Mario's real mission now is to bring back his gaming counterparts. They are locked in eight different worlds (including the forest and icy landscapes) or 130 levels – in order to collect them, Mario must reach the appropriate keys and show not only skill but also brains.

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Mario vs Donkey Kong…Mario vs. Donkey Kong awaits

The GBA classic re-released

Game Boy Advance owners may already be familiar with the game, as the original version was released for handheld devices in 2004. New to the Switch is two-player co-op, easy and best time modes as well as two new worlds and additional levels. The graphics and soundtrack were also revised.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong for Nintendo Switch on February 16, 2024, and a free trial can already be downloaded from the eShop.