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Mara Harvey orders everyone to return to the Vice President’s office in Switzerland

Mara Harvey orders everyone to return to the Vice President’s office in Switzerland

During the quiet years, Mara Harvey was considered a model climber at UBS. After changing leadership in the batches above her, she ended up outside.

It now runs the Swiss branch of VP Bank No. 3 in Liechtenstein. There, Harvey, who writes fiction in her spare time, causes a stir.

Starting next week, working from home will be fun. All Zurich-based VP Bank Switzerland employees are required to report to the office.

Harvey orders.

According to an insider, the reason lies in many sensitive customers. These matters appear to have come without VP Bank examining them closely.

A clean-up operation has been underway at Ländle-Privatbank for a long time. Time is of the essence, but the work goes on.

What this means is that the vice president’s leadership has underestimated the amount of clients that could pose a risk to the bank.

Rumors have been circulating in the banking community for weeks that several Russian clients will soon get the vice president in serious trouble.

What is certain is that the people of Liechtenstein cannot avoid asking their people to work extra shifts, as their spokeswoman confirmed yesterday at their request.

“The home office has proven itself as an alternative workplace. VP Bank supports this opportunity and many employees are taking advantage of it.”

“However, customer interests have the highest priority, which requires special efforts from all employees as a team at certain stages.”

“This does not change the principle of working from home and our efforts to make the way we work more flexible.”

Opening reading: Wednesday, November 1, 8:00 a.m. (IP)

The additional effort is linked to KPMG’s findings. The commissioned external consulting and auditing firm examined the “customer profiles” of VP Bank’s most important and sensitive clients.

In the first phase, which began two years ago, KPMG experts swooped on clients rated as having “high” or “high” risk in the system.

As a result, Vice President Paul Arne and senior colleagues at the Vaduz headquarters have written a request book for all private bankers with affected clients to complete and update their personal files.

Those customers who were considered too risky had to leave the bank.

This practice now appears to have expanded significantly. Therefore, all compliance and risk people in Zurich must take the lead.

The other employees, who are used to “working” at Home Sweet Home, think this is unfair. Why must everyone bleed when only a few can help?