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Make room for new reading

Make room for new reading

DrFall is the time for new books, and just in time for a book fair. However, for readers, this time of literary abundance is not only exciting and surprising, but also challenging. Especially for those who prefer printed books instead of digital books. The task of stocking up on books is becoming increasingly difficult – but the reading list is getting longer given the range on offer. The temptation is especially great at the book fair as you can also buy books there.

As much as it is supposed to help the soul cleanse regularly, we have so far avoided bookshelves. Getting rid of copies you have read is much more difficult than getting rid of unnecessary things or unnecessary clothes from home. It starts with the choice: books that we have read many times, mostly favorite works and authors, have been with us so long that they practically form part of the apartment inventory – and it is impossible to part with them. The classics were left standing anyway; They are too important to be discarded. Even the books we haven’t finished reading and put aside should stay. They often become favorites with a second chance.

Only once was it possible to abandon a book irretrievably. We’ve had it twice. We’re all even more impressed by the colleague who casually mentions that she regularly packs boxes of well-read copies and brings them to the bookcase so other readers can enjoy reading—and she fills the empty space on the shelf with new reading material. We are very far from this consistency and discipline.