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Lugano suffered a clear defeat in Belgium

Lugano suffered a clear defeat in Belgium

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Lugano lost the first leg of the Europa League away to Royale Union Saint-Gilloise 0-2. And a heavy load for the second leg next Thursday.

At Anderlecht’s historic champions – like Lugano’s Cornarido, St. Giloise’s are also not up to European standards – both sides sought redemption in attack. There were plenty of chances to score from both sides.

Germany’s Dennis Eckert used one of them just after eight minutes, keeping a bird’s-eye view of the crowd and slipping the ball between the legs of Krysnik Hajrezy to give third-placed Belgium a deserved early lead. Casper Tiro was nervous about making it 2-0 with about 20 minutes left. At the end of a noteworthy volley, the Finn stood completely free in front of Emir Saibe and deliberately pushed the ball into the far corner.

Stephen’s best chance and Hajdari’s handball

Luganesi’s defeat was well deserved at this level. With a bit of luck in the competition, the match could have ended differently. And who knows how the match would have gone if Renato Stephen had fired the ball in front of goalkeeper Anthony Morris in the 25th minute and the left side had not missed.

Al-Hajri’s goal was not counted.Video: streamga

Ten minutes after Stephen’s greatest opportunity, the ball entered the net after a corner kick from Anto Grejic and Zan Sillar’s header. However, Albian Hajari, who scored the goal, had his hand on the ball beforehand, and for this reason the referee canceled the goal after referring to the video images.

Cybi with many great saves

In the second half, the guests were no longer able to provide the same amount of danger on goal. On the contrary, it was the hosts who carelessly squandered a better starting position or good scoring chances.

In the end, Lugano can thank goalkeeper Amir Saibe that there are still chances of reaching the Europa League group stage in the second leg. In the first half alone, he saved his colors from falling behind with three powerful saves.

Union Saint-Gilloise 2-0 Lugano (1-0)
Georgian real (ALB).
Portals: 8. Eckert 1-0. 71. Tiro 2-0.
Lugano: saibi. Arrigoni (Espinosa 65), Hajrizi, Hadari, Valenzuela; Sabatini (Mahmoud 76), Grgic, Steffen, Bislemi (Magic 76), Botani (Semignani 76); Silar (Vlady 84).
comments: 34. Al-Hajri’s goal was disallowed due to handball.
Warnings: 42. Eckert. 67. McCallister. 76. Sabatini. (Abu / Sada)

Multiple scorers in the European Champions League


Multiple scorers in the European Champions League

Source: Imago Images/Pro Sports/Imago Images

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