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Lorrach: The city is throwing away tenants to make room for refugees


The city evicts dozens of tenants to make room for refugees

Yesterday, 02/20/2023 | 22:28

In the city of Lörrach in Baden-Württemberg, about 40 people will soon have to leave their apartments. The reason: that the housing complex, which is currently run by a municipal company, will now be leased by the city and converted into living space for refugees.

The city evicts tenants to make room for refugees

“The accommodation of people who have fled is currently a major challenge for municipalities,” the city wrote. official notification . “The city of Lörrach is currently counting on the housing available on short notice and is cooperating with the municipal branch Wohnbau Lörrach, among others.”

The evicted tenants are angry

The residents of the house are outraged by the decision. “I was shocked,” says Carmen Noll, 61, of Bild (Tuesday’s edition). “I’ve lived here for 30 years, I only have 600 euros in basic security and a pension, and I pay about 375 euros cold. I can’t afford higher rent.”

Samuel Moltner, also a resident of the home, has a similar view. “It is a mess how we are treated here. We have three years Living Writing in Bild, the 34-year-old artist has only served and lived here for five months.

In a letter to the tenants the company announces the termination

The city offers tenants their assistance for the period after the termination: “However, we will offer you an alternative, suitable place to live and support you with moving, also financially.” The city invites you to a residents’ meeting on February 27th and asks you to “take part urgently.” There should also be one-on-one conversations with residents.


A message to the apartment complex’s tenants is currently causing a stir on social media. “For you, this means that we will soon terminate the lease agreed upon with you.”

“Stupid and shameless rhetoric that unfortunately only fuels anti-refugee sentiment”

Rolf Gassmann, state president of the German Tenants’ Association in Baden-Württemberg, also doubts the legality of the terminations: “According to the tenancy law, refugee accommodation is not grounds for termination. A stupid and rude message from the housing association, which unfortunately only fuels anti-refugee sentiment.”

According to the city, the affected apartments are “apartments from the 1950s, which are at the end of their life cycle, and which are planned to be demolished and replaced within the next few years. More modern and affordable housing offers are offered to tenants in a timely manner according to their personal situation.”