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Loredana ignores messages from fraud victim Petra Z.

Fraud Victim Petra G. disappointed with the rapper

“Loredana is ignoring all my messages”

Loredana brought a woman several hundred thousand francs. The rapper has now settled out of court with fraud victim Petra Z. The women have even stayed on friendly terms — until now. Z. is disappointed by the loss of contact.

Publication date: 09/07/2022 at 00:41


Updated: 10:16 am

Loredana (26 years old) gave her amazing performance at Open Air Frauenfeld. She celebrated on stage with thousands of people. Only one was not there: Petra G. * (55). She would have liked to see the rapper again – although the story of the two is confusing. Loredana Z. cost several hundred thousand francs. “You promised me we’d keep in touch,” Z. told Blake.

sequentially. Loredana was embroiled in a fraud scandal, against which the prosecutor of Lucerne investigated. The accusation: The musician and her brother were said to have stolen 700,000 francs from a Valais couple with crazy lies. In September 2020, she reached an out-of-court settlement with her victim Petra Z. Deal: Petra G. part of her money. So I pulled the ad.